Alain MIkli

Home to world fashion, Paris Haute Couture, and its runways are filled with delicate masterpieces of creativity, art, and craftsmanship. Alain Mikli, the eyewear which is the reflection of art and provocation, formed a partnership with Luxottica in 2013.

The Alain Mikli brand is well known in the eyewear and fashion world for its provocative designs, created to be noticed, not hidden away. Its designer pieces offer the ultimate in comfort, with frames and nose pads selected to suit every face to perfection.

The designer started the brand in 1978. With a mixture of innovative and artisan research, he fashioned eyewear which stands out for its unique character. The well-distinguished designer has two obsessions in his career; acetate, his favorite material, which is hand crafted, sculpted and smoothed out to produce exceptional yet lightweight, comfortable shapes; and red, the colour of warmth and love, often used with black, as well as checkerboard and stripe patterns.

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