Jono Hennessy

Jonathan Sceats is synonymous for change, superior workmanship and a characteristic culture rooted in Sydney and eyewear fashion. Each style has evolved in Sydney studios, with inspirations from nature to archival pieces and films to books, magazines and fashion. The collections reflect timeless intellectual pieces to liberal, trend-setting fashion designs.

Jono’s new evolved collection, Jono Hennessy, continues to be the reflections of art, nature, fashion and design. Jono is not the norm. Jono travels with his own antique metal file, perfecting the shape and fit of his collection. It is all about designing something new and been stimulated by change.

Jono’s eccentric flair for life is mirrored in Jono Hennessy Limited Edition collection. In the havoc of modern lifestyle, Jono cares to work closely with independent optometrists to produce something unique and dynamic to fulfill the needs and wants of their patients.

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