Designed in Denmark and hand-made in Japan, Orgreen Optics is a premium product using premium materials. If you are a quality-conscious individual, you cannot go pass, Orgreen, a strong, timeless and brilliant frame.

Made from super quality titanium and beta-titanium, Orgreen prescription glasses and sunglasses, are designed to last. Japan is well known for its high quality and irrefutable standard. And with this precision, Orgreen frames go through more than 100 steps and up to six months to complete.

The colouring step alone is a statement of art and precision. Developed in-house, the colours are produced in one of the world’s leading colour labs in Japan. With more than 400 different hues, the colour schemes are composed of contrasts, from strong to delicate and sweet to thoughtful.

Orgreen, has kept close to the city where it all began, Copenhagen. Its HQ is located in a historic building in the heart of the city.

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