Born in 1907, and known to his friends as VANNI, Giovanni Vitaloni is an artist with a technical approach. He is also the backbone and inspiration to the family entrepreneurship for generations to come.

VANNI is a mixture of culture and style, a touch of genius, 25 years of research and development and made in Italy insures a delicate, detail finish.

VANNI sees the mixing and evolving unique combinations as its challenge. Constant ‘dare’ and ‘colour’ is its second nature.
Seeing the label ‘Made in Italy’ appears in many products that are on many occasions are designed in Italy, but in fact, are not actually Made in Italy. For VANNI, Made in Italy, is a signature of not only an inspired design process but a long lasting partnership with highly specialized Italian manufacturers.

VANNI is proud to continue to design and manufacture to the excellence that Italy represents.

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