Vision Solutions

HOYA gives you the option and has the solution… HOYA offer’s a complete range of single vision, multi-focal and bifocal lenses to suit your personal lifestyle needs. To provide the ultimum possible vision solutions. Like fingerprints, no two eyes are exactly the same. The correction to restore and enhance one’s vision should be equally unique, hence why HOYA has produced world leading lens technologies that correct each eye’s specific correction requirements. HOYA is dedicated in giving you access to information that will assist you in making the best decision for you and your family’s needs.

Spectacle Dispensing

Regular or ordinary multi-focals are a little like a “one size-fits-all” and can take some time to get used to as often wearers seem to experience image distortion and an unbalanced feeling throughout the day. iD LifeStyle lenses offer visual freedom and a confident, balanced feeling throughout the day. With wider fields of view and optimised visual accuracy for all day comfort. The iD LifeStyle lens also offers smooth interaction between near and distant viewing and stable image perception in all directions. Unlike regular multi-focal lenses, iD LifeStyle lenses are optimised to each person’s prescription.

For the Computer

Standard reading glasses have been the choice for many wearers for near vision tasks and computer use. However, reading glasses only offer a limited area of vision. ‘PC Pro’ has been specifically designed with a greater depth of view, that extends the clear vision area. Your computer is usually positioned outside the near vision area, and as a result, standard reading glasses can sometimes blur your vision when looking at a computer screen. The superior design of PC Pro makes it the perfect option for anyone who uses a computer, offering dramatically less distortion.

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