Optical Lenses

Optical lenses available include:

1- Single Vision Lenses

This is a lens with a single power to provide clarity for distance, reading or a specific distance.

2- Anti fatigue Lenses

This is a lens with a range of progressive magnification powers towards the bottom of the lens making it easier to change focus from distance to near.

3- Myopia control lenses

With extensive experience in the children’s vision, we have access to the latest lens technology in lenses designed to reduce the progression of myopia.

Miyosmart lenses, provide comfortable clear distance and near vision whilst utilising stability control of peripheral light to help reduce eye elongation and control myopia.

4- Bifocal Lenses

With two distinctive lens powers divided by a small visible segment on the bottom of the lens, Bifocal lenses are not commonly used due to their cosmetic appearance and the limitation in vision across various focal ranges. However, we still have access to these lenses as they are useful in certain environments.

5- Multifocal Lenses

Otherwise known as progressive lenses, each Optometry chain/practice will offer a different lens grade and design from a certain supplier. With access to the latest lens design and technology, we have the ability to customise lens designs to provide ease in adaptation and increased visual performance.

6- Extended Focus Lenses

This lens is a form of progressive lens designed to achieve comfortable vision in the workplace. With leading lens technology and customised options, we have the capability tailor design a lens to provide you with clear comfortable vision for; close desk work to boardroom meetings and projector chart vision, or even presenting meetings before an audience. All maintaining a comfortable neck and head posture.

Lens Coatings

All our lenses include a hard coating on the front and back surface of the lens to minimise scratching.

Extra lens coatings include:

1- Anti reflection/ Multicoating

An antireflection lens coating allows light to transmit through the lens and not reflect off the surface of the lens. It allows others to see your eyes instead of white light reflections off the lens.

There are various grades of coatings. We offer the HOYA diamond finish coating, which is scratch resistant and backed with a warranty against any crazing faults.

2- Blue control

Light is made up of 7 colours, each with a certain wavelength and certain level of energy. Blue light is one of the colours with a short wavelength and high energy. Blue light is in both indoor lighting as well as outdoor sunlight. However, it is most abundant in computer monitors, i pads and mobile phones.

Unfortunately, our eyes do not filter out blue light very well and therefore it does reach our macula.

Extensive use of electronic devices can cause eye fatigue, headaches, eye muscle strain and can disrupt sleeping patterns. Blue light filter lenses are designed to filter the blue light and improve these symptoms.