Emergency Red Eyes

A “Red eye” is used as a general term to describe an irritated or bloodshot eye.

It is a recognizable sign of an acute or chronic, localized or systemic underlying inflammatory conditions. Otherwise, it may be due to a foreign particle or injury penetrating the surface of the eye or a reaction to environmental factors.

Optometric therapeutic qualifications allow us to diagnose and treat many different cases of “Red eyes”. We are equipped with foreign body removal tools and can prescribe most eye medications.

The most common causes of “Red eyes” include:

1- Conjunctivitis bacterial infection

2- Shingles virus

3- Allergic reactions to weather changes

4- Contact Lens related infections

5- Sun burn/UV burn to eye

6- Foreign metal particles in eye from grinding metal

7- Finger nail scratching surface of eye

Other serious causes of “red eye” include:

1- High eye pressure

2- Systemic inflammation (Auto immune)